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Crystal Dreamscapes are a unique approach to using crystals in meditation, feng shui, and as talismans. Essentially they are Zen Gardens, but with crystals and meaning. They show you the path to your dreams.


Dreamscape vision
A Crystal Dreamscape is similar to a desktop zen garden that you may have seen desktop zen gardens have a small dish, some sand, a few plain or polished rocks, and a rake. The garden is made by placing the stones in the sand and raking the sand. The raked sand is supposed to represent flowing water.

Like a desk top zen garden, a Crystal Dreamscape is built in a dish with sand.

But unlike a desktop zen garden, a Crystal Dreamscape uses crystals, does not normally have raked sand, and is constructed quite differently and for much more specific purposes.

Dreamscapes are to be lived


Each of these differences is important to understand. Let's start with the crystals.


In a traditional desktop zen garden the stones are often used to represent other objects such as trees or boats or mountains.

In a Crystal Dreamscape, the crystals do not represent other objects but rather they represent desires, ideals and dreams.

They do so through the power of color.color wheel

Each color represents certain feelings, desires, and emotions. By using a crystal that focuses the Life Force on our particular desire, feeling, or emotion; the Crystal Dreamscape can help us visualize our goals, and help focus our energy and the Universal Life Force on what we want to accomplish.

So, a Crystal Dreamscape is built using the power and energy of the color energy rays from the crystals.

Now you might well ask what colors represent which emotions, feelings, and desires? The answer to that can be found in several ways. You can look up the meanings of colors in books or on the web. Now, to make your life easier, we have done the research for you and it is available here.

yellow linkAlso, on every page of the Crystal Vaults there is a Quick Links section on the right hand side. To quickly find the meaning of a particular color of crystal go down the page a bit to the section called "Crystals by Color". Here you will find a link to a page for each color.

For example, click on the "Yellow Crystals" link. There you will find the meanings and representations and usable crystals that reflect the yellow color rays to our eyes and mind. (You can actually click on the illustration and you will find information about the use of yellow crystals.) So, on any page just find the menu and click on the color in which you are interested.


Key crystalKey Crystals

Usually a Crystal Dreamscape will have a major crystal representing the key desire or dream. This is called the "Key Crystal." It is usually near the center of the Dreamscape, but sometimes is placed at the end of a path. The selection of the Key Crystal is an important part of any Dreamscape design.

A Key Crystal has to represent the emotion, desire, end state, hope, or goal to be achieved. It should be a good sized crystal and care should be taken to make sure it is the right color and even shape desired.

In the illustration here, we have a crystal of Malachite as our Key Crystal in a Crystal Dreamscape that is being built to aid in growing wealth. The color of the crystal is a mixture of light and dark green. On the Green Crystals Explained page we find that green crystals are associated with growth and keeping a venture on track. The Malachite with its mix of light and dark green helps us both improve our fiscal position, but reminds us that spiritual growth must accompany it.

Path Crystals

A "path" is a series of crystals, stones, or even just lines in the sand in a dreamscape that show the way to the goal or desire represented by the "Key."

A Crystal Dreamscape might well have one or more path crystals. A "Path Crystal" is one that represents a step or way to the desired goal.

So let's use another example. Let's consider building a Tranquility Dreamscape.

With a little research we would find that a Turquoise colored crystal would be a good Key Crystal.

And then, to illustrate a path to Tranquility, we might put a pink crystal in the dreamscape to represent love, recognizing that one path to Tranquility is to be happy in love.

Dreamscape may well have several Path Crystals representing the different approaches to our goal or desire. There are many ways to attain our desires, and Path Crystals allow us to see them and focus our energies effectively.


Obstacle Crystals

And just as life presents obstacles to our desires and dreams crystal dreamscapes sometimes have "Obstacle Crystals." These represent things we have to overcome in our lives.

For example we may seek tranquility understand that we need to be happy in love and see that out temper is keeping us from accomplishing that step towards tranquility.

In this case a bright red crystal could be placed in our dreamscape near the pink one obstructing it to help you focus on overcoming that obstacle of anger if you seek love.

As you can now see, Crystal Dreamscapes are an emotional art form.



The concept is to take the beauty of nature using the effects of color on the human mind to epresent one's dreams in a miniature landscape. The process is amazingly therapeutic and often quite enlightening.


You have probably noticed that a table top zen garden comes with a rake.

The rake is to make the sand look like wavy water. In a tabletop zen garden, the sand is suppose to represent the water flowing around the rocks.

In a Crystal Dreamscape the sand is not necessarily representing water. Rather it is canvas on which you are designing. You sculpt the sand to represent the peaks and valleys of your needs and desires. You use the sand to represent obstacles and paths.

toolsSo, Crystal Dreamscapes come with a number of sculpting tools. While you are encouraged to use almost any object to arrange your dreamscape the basic tools will get you started.

Use the tools we provide and whatever else os handy: sticks, spoons, needles, your fingers, forks, string, rocks, leaves, pine cones, or whatever seems right....all can be used to arrange and sculpt your dreamscape.

sandAs mentioned earlier, raked sand is used in zen gardens to represent water. But sculpted sand in your Dreamscape is your canvas. In palces it can be flat, steep, rocky, or smooth. And it will be constantly changing.

So arrange your Dreamscape to represent your life as it is unfolding and how you see your path as it changes.

Your imagination is in charge. After all that is where your dreams come from.


The Dreamscapes we sell are good places to start. We give you a suggested arrangement to start and explain how a specific Dreamscape can be made. Each Dreamscape kit has the exact materials shown in its listing. It also comes with a description and picture of the suggested arrangement. You can recreate the vision of our artist as a starting point.

Then you can evolve and sculpt it to your dream. You can add colored crystals and designs as you go. It can be static or you can change it constantly.

We also offer Crystal Dreamscape elements separately. We have the sand. We have the dishes and we have bags of colorful rocks. The web site offer hundreds of crystals. All you need can be found here.

Or you can use your own mind and feelings and select crystals by their personal meaning to your life. It's your Dreamscape and your dreams.

You decide. We are here to help.

If you want something special we will give you some design ideas or even design a custom garden for you. There is never a design charge.

We sort of like helping people achieve their dreams.


If you need help or a specific dreamscape, drop us a line.





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